CoolCell, by Coolifting


Serum conceived for an optimal and powerful anti-cellulite treatment. Effective reduction of cellulite and its visible effects. Formulated with 3 special active ingredients with anti-cellulite properties (glaucine, caffeine and carnitine) and supplemented with natural extracts that help in the process of eliminating localized fat. It also includes a 50 ml Gel Cream conceived for a maintenance of shock treatment. Thanks to its formulation with balanced concentrations, we achieve an optimal effect for the subsequent treatment and maintenance at home in the process of elimination and draining of localized fat and retained liquids.


8 session treatment once a week and daily application of the gel cream.



CoolCell Treatments

1 Session

1 CoolCell session
Duration of 1 hour

Price €120

Pack of 8 sessions

Whole programme as per procedure
8 CoolCell sessions
Duration of 1 hour each session
Pay for 7 and get 1 FREE

Price of €840

Anti-Cellulite treatments

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Home Care

CoolCell Daily Gel Cream

An Anti-cellulite Gel Cream, which was specially developed by highly-suitable means. Contains multiple active ingredients that were particularly chosen in order to deal with cellulite and facilitate its drainage. Thanks to its heating effects, blood circulation is stimulated therefore promoting the drainage of retained fats and liquids. Enriched with a multivitamin complex to nourish the skin, it makes skin look its best again.

Protocol: apply a large, nut-sized amount of the product to the area that was treated with the Coolifting wand. Rub for 4 minutes, until it is fully absorbed. Wait for 1 to 2 minutes, then rub again for 2 minutes. The warm sensation can last 30 – 60 minutes.