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Your Complete Home Care Box for Body or Face

Herbelia Advance

A completely unique line, scientifically designed to meet the needs of each client's body and face accordingly. Yours alone, without having to settle for generic formulas on the market.

It's Herbelia's Advance line, a new concept of well-being that can be explained in so many words, but only those who really try it will understand all the advantages of choosing it!

Whether you are looking for home care products for your face or body we have the solution. And what solution it is! In fact the Herbelia Skin Advance and Body Advance products were born to be completely personal and the therapist will evaluate and choose the ideal products that will tackle what you really need.


Take care of your Body, at Home or at the Spa

Herbelia Body Care

Discover the world of Herbelia Body Care treatments at Spa and home care products. We offer you the best tailored packages and home care treatments that you can find on the island. You can find the perfect body treatment to relax and rejuvenate your body with some Spa time.


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Skin on Fire

Solar Creams

Wear what you want, where you want, but not on the beach

Put Herbelia sunscreens on your skin with specific SPFs for your phototype.


Your Home Skin Care

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Herbelia Reward Card

Your loyalty, Rewarded

The Herbelia Loyalty Reward program is eligible whenever you do Herbelia treatments and/or buy Herbelia products even online. You will get a stamp for every €25 spent. For example with a facial worth €75 you will get 3 stamps.

All Herbelia retail products and treatments are part of the Herbelia Loyalty Reward program.

The free treatments for 1 person are:
with 15 stamps, a free Herbelia Product excluding the Skin Advance Retail
with 30 stamps, a free Herbelia Skin Bloom Facial

The Herbelia Loyalty Reward program card does not have an expiry date and can be used over different years.


heart, mind, skilled hands

Herbelia Handology

The union of Herbelia cosmeceuticals and the manual models created in the beauty tailoring, give life to Handology skin and body. Handology is the union of cosmeceuticals, protocols and manual methods

We promote culture with style in the world of aesthetics

Behind the quality of our cosmetics, lives and works a company that believes in the Herbelia system: from the formulation of cosmetics, to the choice of active ingredients, to the finished products, to their application through work protocols, to marketing and optimal management of the beauty center , up to the accessories in the cab to make work more fluid and organised. The union of Herbelia cosmeceuticals and the manual models created in the beauty tailoring, give life to Handology skin and body. People, not machines, who leave technology in the laboratory to let their hearts be found in the cabin, who with their own hands allow everyone to always find the strength to believe in themselves.

The results of Handology skin and body are incredible and further strengthen the preciousness of this union between cosmeceuticals, manual techniques and protocols.

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