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  1. Apply the Cleanser morning and evening
    Product to use: either the Gentle Cleansing Milk or the Gentle Purifying Gel

  2. Apply the Scrub once a week
    Product to use: either the Refreshing Exfoliator or the Gentle Exfoliator

  3. Tone the skin by using a cotton disk and wipe thet skin
    Product to use: either Beautifying Tonic Lotion or the Mattifying Powder Lotion

  4. Apply a thin layer of face mask, leave it on for 5-10 minutes and remove. Use the mask once or twice a week.
    Product to use: either Ultra Hydra-Marine Mask or the Deeply Nourishing Mask or the Absolute Purifying Mask

  5. Open one ampule of the concentrate and use it half in the morning and half in the evening for 7 days.
    Product to use: either the Absolute Hydra-Marine Concentrate, or the Multi Soothing Concentrate or the Intense Regulating Concentrate

  6. Apply the moisturizing cream morning and evening
    Product to use: either the Hydra-Marine 24H Gel-Cream, or the Nutri-Soothing Cream, or the Perfect Matte Fluid


Let us introduce you to Thalgo

Thalgo is the original marine spa brand, with a heritage of over 40 years. Today it is available in top spas and beauty salons in over 90 countries worldwide, where it offers a comprehensive range of professional spa treatments and products for face and body renowned for their incredible results.

This effectiveness is extracted from marine life; Thalgo’s scientific team was able to develop successful ways to harness the powerful riches of the sea for use in skincare. This marine science is able to stop the deterioration of the skin's structural support fibres, nourish the skin and re-energise the fibroblasts that produce collagen and elastin.

The marine algae used in Thalgo’s skincare is packed full of active ingredients which are used for their rebalancing, protecting, nourishing and anti-ageing properties.


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